Zombie Games for PC

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Zombie games are a genre of game that is riddled with horror and suspense. The player takes the role of one or more survivors who must try to survive in a zombie-infested world by hiding, running, and sometimes fighting their way through hordes of zombies. There are many types of zombie games for PC players to enjoy; some focus on story-based gameplay while others put an emphasis on fast-paced action. Players can also find zombie games where they get to play as the undead themselves! These games offer immersive experiences unlike any other game out there today.

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What is a Zombie Game?

A zombie game is a subgenre of role-playing games with horror and suspense. A literal description of the setting is our world overrun by zombies, sometimes called “walkers” or “biters.” The player takes the role of one or more survivors who must try to survive in a zombie-infested world by hiding, running, fighting, cooperating with other players, or some combination of the above. Most zombie games are first-person shooters, but some titles also offer exciting third-person action!

Types of Zombie Games

The following are commonly found in zombie games:

– Survival –

Players must survive for as long as possible. Sometimes the player has a set number of days or is tasked with gathering certain items before their success or failure can be determined. See also survival horror, below.

– Horde Mode –

This type of game challenges players to fight off waves of zombies in either single-player or multiplayer. The longer you survive, the greater the reward!

– Defense –

Players must build fortifications to protect survivors or something else of critical importance from an invading zombie horde. These games usually tower defense variants, where players strategically place units along a map to address incoming waves of zombies. See also final defense, below.

– Role-Playing –

These games focus on a plot and characters instead of an intense combat situation, but zombies may still be encountered in the world. See also the role-playing game, below.

Best PC zombie games on the market today:

  • – Left 4 dead 2 (multiplayer co-op zombie shooting game, good graphics)
  • – ace of zombies (hack & slash zombie shooter, old school pixels and chiptunes)
  • – they are billions (zombie RTS with a steep learning curve)
  • – the last of us (survival horror zombie shooter with a great story)
  • – dead rising 3 (action-packed single player zombie killing game)
  • – Dayz mod for Arma 2 combined operations (open-world multiplayer zombie survival, mods can be more fun than the base games sometimes)
  • – Minecraft Xbox 360 edition (zombie pigmen, who don’t love a good zombie pigman)
  • – Minecraft story mode (a great single-player campaign that is worth checking out, fantasy zombies)
  • – rust (zombie mutations that are fun to encounter, scrounging to survive, etc.)
  • – 7 days to die (zombies plus sandbox plus crafting plus gunfights equals fun)
  • – Killing Floor (multiplayer zombie co-op FPS)
  • – Plants vs. Zombies (zombies versus plants, who doesn’t love this game for PC?)
  • – Unturned (a free zombie survival game that is worth checking out!)
  • – ZombiU (great Wii U first person action/adventure/



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